Increasing efficiency in food product recall using IoT and blockchain

One day the food supply chain is running smoothly, then suddenly a notice alerts everyone about the recall of a product and they have to spring into action. Every relationship in the supply chain, from ingredient suppliers to storage facilities to the end consumer has a role to play in the process of efficiently and safely removing the affected items.

A huge step of a recall is identifying the affected area or product. If this is not done correctly and in a timely manner, lawsuits can spring up and the country’s health can be affected. If someone makes a complaint in a restaurant, a company should have the technology to track exactly what the source of the problem is and where it came from .

Can you believe that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have reported that in 2018 , over 650 recalls have occurred . That’s double the number of products recalled in an average year a decade ago. And a pproximately one in six Americans get sick every year from eating contaminated foods, according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

Identification of source in this step of the recall can be directly benefited by a sound IT infrastructure, specifically one that enables a company to monitor the transactions and operations of the entire supply chain from one central server portal. Obviously technology is only one aspect of the identification process, but it can really assist the employees and leadership throughout the chain in understanding the initial scope of the situation.

Although it is a type of technology that is still not being used widely in the food industry, blockchain is regarded by many as a promising technology for enabling traceability in the food supply chain. Blockchain technology is a shared, digital platform where users can store and share information across a network. This system enables users to look at all transactions simultaneously and in real-time. One of the main advantages of blockchain is that once information is added to the blockchain, it is distributed within the network and it becomes permanent. It cannot be hacked, manipulated, or corrupted in any way. This technology can deliver the transparency, traceability, and trust that has eluded the food industry for a long time. Due to its unalterable data, the system can give producers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and consumers access to trusted information regarding the origin and state of each product or ingredient.

Here at Adapt Ideations we utilise IoT to create unique state of the art smart business solutions. No one solution is identical as we develop our solutions based around our potential clients every need.

Food product recalls are a fact of life in today’s food industry. Food distributors need an action plan to keep their operations running smoothly, reduce shipping issues, and maintain their industry reputations. There’s no reason to go it alone. At Adapt Ideations, we provide smart IoT solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs, and we’d be happy to talk about how we can do the same for your company.

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Adapt Ideations is the leading innovator of B2B solutions assisting companies to protect their assets.

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Adapt Ideations

Adapt Ideations

Adapt Ideations is the leading innovator of B2B solutions assisting companies to protect their assets.

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