Increasing food safety for developing countries with the use of blockchain

According to World Data Lab there are 600 million people living in extreme poverty globally. Now consider how many of those people would be affected by food safety and food borne diseases. Blockchain is leading the way in delivering better food safety. You may ask what is blockchain? Blockchain itself is an immutable ledger that contains all relevant information. In this case all information relating to a product in the supply chain.

Globally countries and companies alike are already starting to use blockchain technology for increased food safety such as Dubai, France, Alibaba, and Walmart. The safety of food should be guaranteed, not something that has to be second guessed. Blockchain has the power to revolutionise food safety.

Research conducted by Pew Research Center reported that 40% of the public in China are concerned about overall safety of food. From this statistic, it is no wonder why a solution must be created to establish increased food safety around the world. Blockchain inevitably may just be the answer as it empowers traceability and accountability in the supply chain.

KELVIN, Adapt Ideations’ newest asset tracker allows each consignment to be tracked from origin to destination. It effectively allows for easier intervention to take place immediately when a violation has occurred. KELVIN can integrate into a blockchain application using an API. This leads us to the use of data and analytics. With the use of an asset tracker data is collected allowing it to later be analysed in order to make smart business decisions. No longer are the days of making decisions on a whim.

Food borne disease can spread like wildfire if the origin is unknown. The World Health Organization points out that 600 million people suffer from illness related to food contamination each year, and 420 000 consequently die as a result. Blockchain can allow an outbreak to be contained much easier with greater transparency and traceability in the supply chain. The exact source and violation can be located effectively stopping further spreading.

The use of blockchain can eliminate fraud, corruption, discrimination and mismanagement in third world countries. Counterfeit food has now become a large issue in developing countries around the globe. Many go undetected which is not only harmful to people’s health but also the local economy. Such products using substituted and unregulated ingredients and materials may potentially increase the rate of diseases and malnutrition for consumers. Blockchain eliminates the issue of counterfeit products allowing consumers to regain trust in suppliers.

Wastage of food has become a large problem particularly in developing countries due to issues in the supply chain. Stop Wasting Food Movement states that wastage of food for human consumption is believed to be one-third of the world’s production amounting to 1.3 billion tons, proving that wastage of food has become a global problem and it’s in our hands to innovate a solution to solve it. Adapt Ideations’ KELVIN ensures all concerned entities in a supply chain know where their products are. Violations in the supply chain automatically notify concerned parties that the violation has occurred allowing for prompt action to take place.

Blockchain as it’s been established has the potential to solve the problem of food safety in third world countries. With the successful implementation of blockchain into the supply chain of the food industry, many problems with food safety, illness, and wastage can be solved revolutionising the industry. Adapt Ideations’ KELVIN is specifically designed for the food and bio-pharmaceutical industry. Its core features include tracking of temperature, location, shock, and light exposure. With these capabilities Adapt Ideations is able revolutionise food safety for third world countries.

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